PROCEEDINGS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CULTURE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: “Culture and Sustainable Development in Community: Chalenges and Opportunities in The Past, Present and Future”




ICOCAS 2023 embraces the theme “Culture and Sustainable Development in Community: Challenges and Opportunities in the Past, Present, and Future.” This theme is thoughtfully chosen to inspire all layers of society and enthusiasts across various communities to continue innovating, ensuring sustainability in the realm of culture. The ultimate aim is to foster self-reliant, critical, and highly competitive communities. This international seminar also serves as a vital platform for scholars, practitioners, researchers, and students who are earnestly dedicated to advancing knowledge for themselves, their communities, and their nation. It’s a space for meaningful discourse and support for sustainable development, fortifying our collective strength in the realm of research. This year’s international seminar adopts a hybrid format, combining offline and online modes, further fueling the enthusiasm of keynote speakers, presenters, and participants eager to share their knowledge.

Prof Alamsyah


November 27, 2023